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19 August, Saturday 10:30am

A Matter of Life and Death

We usually spare no effort to prepare for important matters in life. We also pay special attention to matters of health and safety. While these are clearly sensible responses. What about the very matter of life and death itself? Have we devoted the appropriate effort to understand the purpose of our lives and more importantly, what lies at the end of our lives?

True Jesus Church Singapore

We have four places of worship, and we gather for Sabbath and night worship services. (Sabbath is the seventh day of the week, observed from Friday evening to Saturday evening, as a day of rest and worship.) 


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我们通常会不遗余力地为生活中的重要事情 做准备,尤其特别关注健康和安全问题。虽然这些显然是明智的反应,但生与死本身 的问题又如何呢? 您是否设法来了解我们生命的目的,更重要 的是,我们生命的尽头是什么?

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