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16 July, Saturday - 2:45pm to 4:00pm

Think and reflect

Talking about death is a difficult conversation. It's normal. Even though we will all die one day. We will all lose someone we love. We will all grieve.

What if dying isn't as bad as we think? What if there is a way to be prepared?

Let's think about death, life that comes after, and what you can do to be ready.

True Jesus Church Singapore

We have four places of worship, and we gather for Sabbath and night worship services. (Sabbath is the seventh day of the week, observed from Friday evening to Saturday evening, as a day of rest and worship.) 


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7月16日, 星期六下午2点45分至4点


谈论死亡是一个困难的对话。 这是正常的。 尽管我们都会有死去的一天。 我们都会失去我们所爱的人。 我们都会感到悲伤。

但是如果死亡没有我们想象的那么糟糕呢? 如果有办法做好准备呢?


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