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If God is real, how can I believe in God if I can't even see Him? Are there ways to experience Him?

We ask to see God because we think that we should be able to observe another living thing.

However, not all that exists can be observed with our naked eyes. We know they exist because of their effects. We know germs exist because we fall ill; we know wind exists because we feel it against our skin.

What then is an “effect”, so to speak, of God’s existence? Creation.

If you studied Biology in school, you might recall the wondrous system of photosynthesis (among many others) that governs plant life and in turn keeps the rest of the planet alive.

Or even how the Earth is situated at a sweet spot in the solar system, so it gets enough warmth and sun.

Looking at such a well-planned, intricately designed world around us, it’s hard to deny the possibility of a Creator, God. We know how things in this world may seem to happen coincidentally. However, for chance to occur and cause enough beneficial changes that lead to our well-designed universe today? The probability of this is very, very low.

Moreover, we know that the houses we live in must be built by a construction team; they don’t exist on their own.

The world around us was built too. The Bible tells us who built it, “Every house is built by someone, and He who builds all things is God” (Heb 3:4).

This Creator God is not a distant figure, though. He makes Himself not far from each of us.

How do we experience Him?

Consider how we need a microscope lens (or more!) to look at certain bacteria. Or how we can hear music, but not spell it.

We need the right lens or tools to “see” what exists, but is unseen.

When his mother fell very ill and gradually started to lose her ability to walk, Jeff was at a deep loss. After encouragement from a friend, he began to search for God through reading the Bible and visiting True Jesus Church. As he began his search for a divine being, Jeff personally experienced God when he prayed and eventually received the Holy Spirit.

From Jeff’s story, we realise that to behold a spiritual God, we need spiritual lens or tools. These include faith in Him, His Bible, and receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit, who is God. We know that we receive the Holy Spirit when we speak in tongues as we pray.

Such a life-changing experience of speaking in tongues in prayer is an undeniably powerful testimony of God. Take the first step with us and learn more about God today.


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